Adobe Launches New Product to Help Digitize Small Businesses

adobe launches new product to help digitize small businesses

Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) has introduced e-signing capabilities allowing small businesses to digitize signing documents.  Adobe Sign for small businesses integrates with Adobe Scan and Acrobat Reader desktop app so business can streamline this important function.

Small Business Trends contacted Lisa Croft, Group Product Marketing Manager to discuss how this new product will make a difference for SMBs. According to Adobe research, 75% of small companies still use pen and paper to sign documents. And they see it as the biggest hurdle to efficiency.

“Adobe Sign for small business, helps digitize paper-based processes for anyone who wants to move on from pen, paper, printer and filing cabinets,” she says. “It is applicable and necessary for any business who cares about their bottom line.”

Adobe Sign for Small Business

Here are the highlights of what it can do for your small business.

Sign Clients Up

There’s no need for customers to print, sign, and scan PDFs with Adobe Sign. SMBs can convert a PDF template to an online one that can be signed right from the Internet.

“This is one-way Adobe Sign gives businesses an innovative, digital collaboration with a business’ brand,” Croft writes.  “Sign for small business combines the market-leading document technologies in Adobe Scan and Adobe Acrobat. It helps digitize work that needs signatures, like customer on-boarding, contracts and approvals. And invoices plus payments.

Sign Contracts and Pay in The Same Place

Adobe Sign has integrated with Braintree, a PayPal service. Small businesses can collect payments from customers while they fill out a form.

Croft explains what this means to your bottom line.

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“This prevents prospects from turning away from the transaction when they need to go to a payment form.”

This is big for customer retention. Getting prospects to sign a contract on one page and then redirecting them to another to pay doesn’t work. You risk losing them.

Best of all, most SMBs can use it.

“Sign works with any business vertical. And it’s scalable.”

Bulk Send Forms

Getting standard agreements signed from multiple people is much easier with this product. Getting documents signed for liability used to mean sending many emails. Sign can automate the whole process. You can get hundreds of signatures and even track the outstanding ones.

Adobe Sign applies to a wide swath of small  businesses too.

“Sign for small business can help manage many signatures on a liability release form,” Croft writes.  “It can streamline payment processing and sign off. Or even process new member sign-ups.”

If you have the Acrobat Reader desktop, you’ll be able to use the Adobe Sign feature. Presently you can send two documents for signature for free each month. For more information about subscription prices, go to the website at www.adobe.com.

Finally, Croft highlights how Sign fits in with the other products available.

“Adobe Sign works with other Adobe Document Cloud products. These include Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Scan. They are continuously updated,” she writes. “They exceed the requirements of business and individuals.”

Image: Depositphotos.com

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