8 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins 2019

8 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins 2019

Although WordPress has basic image gallery functionality as part of its core feature set, if you really want to make the most of your photographs and other visual content, installing a purpose-built WordPress gallery plugin is highly recommended.

But with so many impressive free and paid gallery plugins available, choosing the right one for your website can be difficult. So to help you find the best tool for your project, this collection of gallery plugins for WordPress covers the most useful and interesting features of some of the leading tools in this category.

Among these options, you’ll find free plugins that provide basic image gallery building functionality that could be a good choice for anyone looking for a quick and straightforward way to upgrade this aspect of WordPress. You’ll also find powerful paid plugins that give you a huge amount of control over how your galleries look as well as what content they contain and how they display it.

So whether you want to add a basic image gallery or slider to your WordPress website, or build a custom presentation that has animations, hover effects, videos, and other eye-catching features, you’re sure to find the right option in this collection of plugins.

Envira Gallery is a popular freemium WordPress gallery plugin for displaying images on your website.

Designed to make it as easy as possible to add mobile responsive image galleries to your WordPress website, Envira Gallery has proven to be a popular plugin since its launch. One of the reasons why this plugin has become so popular is how quick it makes the process of creating custom image galleries in WordPress.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop gallery builder, it hardly takes any effort at all to add content to your galleries. As this is a highly mobile-friendly gallery builder tool, your image displays will look great regardless of which device they are being accessed on. Envira Gallery has also been built with performance in mind and designed to avoid slowing down your site as much as possible.

The free version of Envira Gallery also has some basic social sharing features built in. However, if you want to really boost your chances of encouraging visitors to share your images with their followers, upgrading to the paid version could be a good investment. If you do upgrade to the Pro version of Envira Gallery, then you’ll be able to do a lot more with this plugin, including access more gallery templates, unlock more display options, and integrate your galleries with more third-party services and products. You can also use the premium features to protect your images, such as preventing your audience from downloading your content, adding watermarks to your images, and password protecting your galleries. If you want to sell your photos online from your WordPress website, you can also use Envira Gallery to integrate your site with the WooCommerce plugin to make this possible.

The free version of Envira Gallery has everything needed to create mobile-friendly galleries while upgrading to the pro version makes this one of the most powerful plugins of its type available today.

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NextGEN Gallery has become one of the most well-known WordPress gallery plugins since its launch in 2007.

Despite facing strong competition from some of the other leading gallery plugins in this collection, NextGEN Gallery remains a hugely popular choice among WordPress users looking for a powerful free tool for creating photos galleries and other types of image displays. If you try out the free version of NextGEN Gallery, you’ll see why this tool has become so popular. Not only is it easy to use but it’s also packed with useful and creative features to help you effortlessly upgrade the image publishing capabilities of WordPress.

The free version of NextGEN Gallery includes two main modes for displaying photos and other images, giving you the option of using the slideshow or thumbnail gallery layout for your website. As you might expect from one of the best WordPress gallery plugins around, both options are fully mobile responsive to cater to smartphone and tablet users. There are also two album styles to work with, as well as many customization options to help you get your galleries looking exactly how you want. To find out more, you can check out the gallery demos on the NextGEN Gallery website to see this plugin in action.

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If you want more from your gallery plugin, there is a set of premium extensions available for NextGEN Gallery. These add-ons can be purchased in bundles, giving you access to a large selection of premium features. Some of these extras include more gallery templates, such as mosaic and filmstrip layouts, as well as more lightbox modes, and ecommerce integrations and features.

With everything that the free and paid versions of NextGEN Gallery have to offer, this plugin is definitely worth a closer look.

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Modula is a free plugin for creating stylish galleries for WordPress websites.

Modula aims to provide you with everything that’s needed to start creating a range of different image galleries for your WordPress website. Some of the different presentation styles you can choose from include masonry grids, custom grids, and lightbox galleries to name just a few.

The user interface of Modula is very modern and easy to use. Therefore, if you’re familiar with WordPress then you should have no trouble getting to grips with this tool and adding stylish galleries to your website. Thanks to the drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly arrange your images to ensure they are displayed in the right order. Whether you want to upload new images to use in your gallery or select files you’ve already uploaded to your WordPress Media Library, both options are well covered by this plugin.  The appearance of the galleries produced by Modula look very impressive, especially for a free plugin. You can view demos of each of the different gallery styles on the Modula website if you’d like to see them for yourself before making a decision.

There’s also a premium version of Modula available that includes even more useful features. Some examples of what you can do with the paid version of Modula includes creating galleries that contain more than 20 images, the ability to add videos to your galleries, and the option of adding filters to your displays. You also get access to lots more layouts and templates for publishing your galleries on your WordPress website.

The free version of Modula is a great way to start adding image galleries to WordPress with the option of paying to unlock more features.

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Foo Gallery is another powerful freemium image gallery builder tool that’s up there with the best plugins in this category.

Once Foo Gallery is active on your WordPress website, you’ll be able to use the drag-and-drop interface of this plugin to create your own custom galleries and organize their image content. Through the gallery settings, you’ll be able to easily choose between display modes, including a more traditional thumbnail gallery style and a slider format. You also have the option of using the album module to organize your images more efficiently. Even the free version of Foo Gallery has a good selection of stylish templates for presenting your photos online.

Another useful feature of Foo Gallery is the widget that can be used to display your galleries in the sidebar and other widget-ready areas of your theme. As the galleries generated by this plugin are fully responsive, they’ll not only adjust to the sidebar area they’ve been allocated to but will also look great on small screen devices such as smartphone and tablets.

If you want to take more control over the appearance of your galleries, the underlying CSS is easily accessible. To help your photographs and other images really stand out on the screen, the Foo Gallery plugin has full retina support for high-resolution monitors and displays. For more information, you can check out demos of the different ways this plugin can be used on the Foo Gallery website.

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If you’re interested in features like video support, hover effects, gallery filtering, and infinite scroll, then the premium version of Foo Gallery has all this functionality and more.

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Photo Gallery has been designed for photographers and bloggers looking for a powerful yet user-friendly way to display images on their websites.

With gallery and album functionality included in the free version of the Photo Gallery plugin, you have a few different options for how your image content is organized and displayed. When creating your galleries and albums, you also have the choice of opting for either the slideshow layout or the thumbnail mode. Upgrading to the paid version of the Photo Gallery plugin unlocks other styles, including the popular masonry and mosaic layouts. However, regardless of which of the two version of this plugin you choose, you can create as many galleries or albums as you need with Photo Gallery.

If you want to include video content in your galleries, then the Photo Gallery plugin is definitely worth checking out. Support for videos hosted on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram is included out of the box. Thanks to this, you aren’t limited to only using your own videos in your galleries, but also content shared publicly on these platforms.  Another interesting multimedia aspect of this plugin is the ability to add soundtracks to your galleries and albums, helping to set the mood for the user experience on your website.

When it comes to publishing your galleries on your WordPress website, Photo Gallery has shortcode functionality like many of the best WordPress gallery plugins available today. You’ll also find a few different widgets for inserting your image displays into the sidebar, footer, and other compatible areas of your website. With this plugin, you don’t have to worry about people stealing your images either, thanks to the optional watermarking and right-click protection that you can apply to your images and galleries in just a few clicks.

Photo Gallery definitely isn’t short of features, many of which you can see in action on the plugin website.

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Unite Gallery is an affordable premium WordPress gallery plugin with lots of customization options.

The Unite Gallery plugin has 10 layouts to help you find the right look for your WordPress website galleries. Among the options are different tile layouts as well as popular styles like carousels and sliders. In most cases, there are multiple variations of each gallery mode for even more creative options. There are also over 120 gallery options to work with when setting up your image and video displays. However, the default configurations work really well so if you’re looking for a plugin you can use to quickly deploy image galleries on your WordPress website, Unite Gallery should meet your requirements.

When building your galleries with this plugin, you’re not just limited to photographs and other types of images. Unite Gallery has good video support, with the ability to display videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo as well as any video files you’ve uploaded to your site. Using a mix of images and videos in the same gallery is part of the core functionality of the Unite Gallery plugin too.

To help make your galleries a bit more interactive and interesting, you can use this plugin to easily apply zoom effects and other display features. As anything created with Unite Gallery is fully mobile responsive, your displays will not only look great on smaller screens but they will also work with touchscreens devices.

For just a relatively small investment, Unite Gallery adds lots of premium image gallery features to your website.

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Global Gallery lets you create almost any type of gallery for your WordPress website.

With lots of layouts and gallery modes to take advantage of, the premium Global Gallery plugin should have a format that works well with your website and the images you want to display. Thanks to the automatic gallery creation feature, you can quickly produce a gallery with this plugin. It only takes a few clicks and your gallery will be up and running, ready to insert into your WordPress website. Of course, if you want to invest a bit more time, you can customize your gallery in many different ways. Some of these options include choosing between the popular slider and carousel formats, deciding if and how you want your images to be cropped, and much more.

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When setting up your galleries, this plugin lets you choose from an impressive selection of sources for your gallery content. Some of these options include Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Therefore if you want to display content hosted on other platforms besides your own site, Global Gallery could be the tool you’re looking for. Thanks to this functionality, you can display content from other users on social networks, provided you have the permission to do so. Just to clarify, it’s not a problem to include content from your WordPress Media Library in any displays created with Global Gallery, so you’re not forced to integrate with a third party service if you don’t want to.

Other notable features of the affordable Global Gallery plugin include lightbox displays as standard, filterable galleries, and the ability to turn any of the images in your galleries into links. You can also enable features like infinite scroll, pagination, and visible image captions. As everything is mobile responsive, your image galleries should look just as good on small screen devices as they do on laptop and desktop displays.

Global Gallery has been regularly updated over the years to include an impressive set of features.

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Justified Image Grid is another good value premium WordPress gallery plugin available from CodeCanyon.

This plugin was first launched in 2012 and has been regularly updated ever since. Thankfully, as the price of Justified Image Grid includes lifetime access to plugin updates, any more improvements that are made to this tool will be available to you as soon as you’re ready to activate them. Over the years, the features of Justified Image Grid have really built up and now there isn’t much you can’t do with this image gallery plugin.

Some of the most useful features in the Justified Image Grid plugin toolkit include the ability to choose from a wide range of sources for your gallery content, including your WordPress Media Library, WooCommerce products, social media networks, and video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Thanks to this, you’re free to use videos in your galleries, either on their own or in combination with your images.

Like the other options in this collection of the best WordPress gallery plugins, Justified Image Grid is fully mobile friendly. Due to this, there’s no need to worry about your galleries being viewable on smaller screen devices. This also means that anyone using a touchscreen enabled device can interact with your galleries simply by touching their display. Anyone using a higher resolution display to access your site should appreciate the retina support of your galleries and how clear and crisp your images look on their screens. You can also add many different special effects to your galleries and their images to help your website stand out from the crowd. You might also appreciate the built-in compatibility with the popular WPBakery Page Builder plugin if you’re using this tool to customize your WordPress website.

Justified Image Grid has some of the best-looking gallery templates in its library, making this a good plugin for many types of projects.

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