23 Cute WordPress Themes For Kids, Bakeries, Weddings & More 2019

If you look hard enough, you can find a WordPress theme in virtually any category, including the cute ones. But, first, we have to examine the definition of cute. Is it puppies and kitties? Probably not. Most cute WordPress themes tend to be oriented around certain styles. Those styles are children’s, feminine, and creative. Sometimes a theme will use all three styles combined, while others will only use one style alone. During the process of compiling the following themes, we tried to check for all three styles and how well they reflect the idea of “cute”.

Starting out in the list you are going to see plenty of WordPress themes for children’s websites, nurseries, and daycare businesses. As we move deeper into the list, the themes are going to expand to areas like a portfolio, creative websites, and a number of stylish blog designs as well. Given that this is a roundup which emphasizes “cute” over a specific market, the theme variety is diverse. So if one theme is for a portfolio, the next might be for a magazine blog. Please keep this in mind as you explore the options.

And lastly, it’s always best if you examine a specific theme yourself. At the end of the day, you’re investing money and making the right choice is pivotal. You can use our individual reviews as a starting point of understanding why we like the design. But as you begin to explore the demos, use your own best judgment to see how a design would fit the needs of your current project. As always, the comment section is open and you can voice your questions and opinions. We’re happy to help whenever we can.


Parlour is a modern WordPress theme for beauty. You can use this theme for any beauty salon, parlor or spa therapy. Even massage center or cosmetic surgery clinics! Parlour is a beautiful theme with templates oriented to a clear market niche: Beauty. Speaking of appearances, customization options are unlimited. There is a template library with a collection of more than 20 gorgeous templates. Parlour’s page builder (Elementor) comes with an elite toolset to craft. It lets you make a responsive site with whole new visual engage. This is the most powerful solution for creating perfect mobile pages. You design your complete page in the page builder: no header, no footer. It’s ideal for landing pages and coming soon pages. If you need to be in maintenance mode, there is no problem.

Moreover, Parlour is WPML and Contact Form 7 compatible. It relies on WooCommerce for shops and is integrated with MailChimp. Search engines and building code are also optimized. Parlour uses the booking system called Booked. This is popular because it covers all needs you can imagine without a person needing to review it. Everything in Parlour makes you and your customers have a great experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to get it today! Get Parlour!

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robin cute wordpress theme

Robin exemplifies what cuteness means for a blogging theme. Often, as a creative, you can get lost in finding the theme that matches your personality. A truly creative site goes beyond the formalities of a basic design. As a result, developers have to integrate sophisticated graphics design as part of the design foundation. And Burnhambox has definitely done it. The Robin theme features a solid creative outline for a blogging website of any kind. For example, you can apply Robin for a cooking site, or your blog where you share stories about your hobbies. The mix of colors, typography, and a heavy influence of graphics is what makes it so special. Perhaps a better way to say it is that Robin solidifies each of its elements for them to feel mature and ready for a site which is planning to expand as a business.

Let’s dig into the top features. There are tons of them and we will list which we feel are the most notable. Starting with a mobile-friendly design, fully responsive and using the best media queries setup. Robin theme prefers to use its own Robin Slider rather than relying on third-party solutions. As a result, you can enjoy using a slider which is native to its own theme.

Those of you with ambitions to launch an eCommerce store can do so with WooCommerce. A predefined shop design is awaiting your stock of products so to speak. Layouts are divided into multiple styles, with a variety of ways to rearrange column alignment. Unique to Robin theme is its custom banner management system. In total, you can add up to five banners with more than fourteen unique positions. The flexibility resembles Visual Composer and gives the required functionality for a long-term project.

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Cute Cake

cute cake cute wordpress theme

Cute Cake from HighThemes is a design which meets HTML5 with a strong graphics design influence. The majority of premium themes tend to rely on HTML5 for designing colors and visual elements. That won’t be the case with a theme like Cute Cake. This one-page template matches the feel of a bakery, sweets stores, and even gift shops. You be the judge whether Cute Cake fits your creative project. Colors are overall smooth, with lots of custom background variations. Graphic design elements come into play in components like lists, and buttons. Furthermore, with an amplified scrolling animation, reader’s can enjoy reading each component separately. Let’s overview the core features.

Starting off with Slider Revolution — an irresistible WordPress slider plugin. Create slides and content previews in ways that you’ve never done before. You get a free license as a bonus by purchasing this theme. The Cute Cake is flexible towards localization and you can utilize MO/PO files for translational needs. You get a responsive design which has been “stress tested” against more famous browsing devices. Despite its one-page nature, the Cute Cake manages to include a cute Blog to go alongside your core website. Write content and get people to discover your site more effortlessly.

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Happy Kids

happy kids cute wordpress theme

While it’s unlikely that children of small age will browse your website and appreciate it for its design, there’s still a big benefit to using a children-specific template for a children’s website. And Happy Kids theme combines the elements of cute visuals and children’s design for a solid outcome. CreativeWS intends for Happy Kids to be a theme used by kindergarten institutions, daycare businesses, and school-related projects. By using the best that HTML and CSS have to offer these days, the final design of Happy Kids is welcoming and a breath of fresh air altogether.

In particular, I love the creative slider added to the homepage. Unlike a standard WordPress design, Happy Kids feels specifically tailored for a great user experience. Menu buttons are positioned so neatly that you don’t even think about the technology behind them. It all flows in one smooth design stream. A clean design is a good design indeed. You aren’t restricted to any set values either. Things like colors and fonts are up to you to reconfigure. As is the ability to add an online store, or use creative photo galleries to showcase visual content.

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pekaboo cute wordpress theme

Peekaboo is a responsive first WordPress theme for children’s websites. Schools and those with daycare intentions are more than welcome to use Peekaboo. Population2 specializes in thoughtful web design, ensuring simplicity throughout the theme experience. The Peekaboo theme uses a framework known as Reverie. The Reverie framework is known for its advanced theme options panels and high availability of configuration tools. As a result, you get to quickly adapt your theme to fit a set criteria. Content sliders in Peekaboo have had their alignment adapted for smooth integration into the homepage design. You can switch between FlexSlider and Orbit Slider or use them both at the same time.

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In custom elements department you get a ton of shortcodes which will make your life so much easier. As you know shortcodes can help to prepare a much more concise content experience. Unique to Peekaboo is a Modal Popup system. Don’t waste time and effort using a plugin to show important information. Instead, with Peekaboo, you can create any kind of modal window and have it display on any device effectively. Lots and lots of exciting stuff in this one, be sure to check every demo page to see how it works.

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The Wedding Day

the wedding day cute wordpress theme

More and more couples use a website as a means to promote their wedding. It’s quickly becoming a standard way for couples to retain a set schedule of the wedding events. As a result, wedding-related themes are popping up like grass on a rainy day. And we’re not complaining. More power to the designers who care about niche markets. The Wedding Day is a beautiful theme for setting up the most memorable wedding experience. You can launch the website a year in advance and have a countdown to show the final date. In the meantime, the website allows you to post announcements, host upcoming events, and there’s even a guestbook where guests/friends can leave any well-wishes they have for you.

Suppose the thing we loved the most was the introduction of the couple on the homepage. It’s built with a custom element where the couples pictures are in the middle. And on both sides, there are two individual profile widgets where the newlyweds can add information about themselves. Guests are able to signup as attendees and add any additional friends that they’d like to take with them. On a technical note, for all you developers who built wedding sites for clients, there’s plenty of plugins you can integrate with The Wedding Day. For example, TWD is compatible with LayerSlider, Yoast, WordFence, Gravity Forms, and bbPress if your clients are seeking a community aspect. Powerful, but cute!

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baxel cute wordpress theme

What’s Baxel? Uhh… nothing much, just a stylish and cute minimal theme for blogging. Using the best design practices and a refreshing style, the Baxel excels in content presentation. Who’s it for? You know, minimalists! Haa, just kidding. The Baxel theme fits perfectly for travel writers, graphic designers, fashion artists, or pretty much anyone else who likes a simple yet cute design. Core principles of Baxel is for the theme to be powerful enough on the features side, but simple enough for readers to enjoy the content. And having checked out the custom pages and blog posts, it seems that those principles are effective! Design plays a major role in your site’s success. More so when your topic of choice is related to trendy topics and the latest news. Besides, creativity adds extra points for things like trust and user experience.

Burnhambox has debuted twice already in this roundup of best cute WordPress themes. You got to give love to those who deserve it. And these guys definitely do. As their other theme, Baxel is powered by a homebrewed slider for adding the most spectacular sliders your eyes have ever seen. Furthermore, Baxel theme is open to the most complex customizations imaginable. Let your inner-child free and see what you can build on top of a solid design. So many variations of content layouts to choose from as well, an absolute joy to rearrange the site to make it feel like your digital home.

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alphabet cute wordpress theme

Pretty themes are so much more difficult to create because of the required visual effort. As a result, themes like Alphabet tend to be more on the authentic side. It’s hard to replicate something that hasn’t been built before. The Alphabet theme responds eloquently to modern screen sizes and doesn’t compromise design quality in return. In addition to responsive design, Alphabet uses only the best coding practices to ensure performance and SEO optimization. As a result, it’s not required of you to do any markup editing whatsoever.

The homepage of Alphabet comes in three styles, each acting as a unique demo. Select a style you like the most and make it your permanent homepage. But don’t fret getting stuck with that design forever! As much as the creators of Alphabet encourage you to stick to a demo design, you have many great alternatives for customization. For example, the best way to customize Alphabet for your needs is to use the inbuilt Unyson Page Builder. Unyson gives you a visual dashboard from which you can customize the way things look. Other notable design elements are CSS animations, Bootstrap 3 back-end, and lots of unique illustrations for that extra cuteness effect.

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kindergarten cute wordpress theme

We can’t imagine a more simple theme than Kindergarten for a children’s website. Nevertheless, Kindergarten provides a multi-purpose environment which is applicable to any site in the education sector. There are plenty of headers you can test out, and you have an opportunity to save money as well. How? By getting a handful of premium plugins for free. In no particular order, those plugins are Royal Slider, Revolution Slider, PO Composer and Visual Composer. Sliders are obviously for adding fresh content sliding elements, while Visual Composer is for managing the design yourself. Whereas PO Composer isn’t often heard of and is a plugin for managing website translation. Combined with an existing core of powerful features, you can rely on Kindergarten theme to last for a very long time.

For example, all sections of this theme are supported by mobile swipe effects. Furthermore, the integrated sliders are totally mobile friendly too! This theme offers multiple styles of upper menus, with more than enough customization options for the menus as individual design entities. The layout features are out of this world, so many of them, and each one with purpose. Let’s look at some of them. The homepage consists of 11 layouts by itself. That’s 11 ways for you to launch a new website. Header’s come with 5 predefined styles and further 2 for the footer. You can display your blog in 9 styles, with some of the styles being unique to this theme only.

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juno cute wordpress theme

If you were to calculate the costs of Juno as a separate theme design, you’d flip out at the amount quoted to you. Instead, ThemeREX has been nice enough to publish Juno as a premium theme for under $60. An absolute steal for what you get in return. The Juno theme serves as a great platform theme for online stores related to kids products. You are more than welcome to select any of the pre-built pages to see which one feels the best to you. And if something doesn’t feel 100%, just use Visual Composer to fix it. Whatever you see in any of the given demo layouts is possible to reuse as a separate component through Visual Composer. The best visual page builder on the net!

Honestly, it’s hard to get over how well-designed Juno really is. Color selection is top notch, but so is the design of buttons and each element supporting a page. It’s a complete design, to say the least. And let us tell you about the features. Starting with responsive web design and high-quality retina optimized visuals. Furthermore, Juno uses sticky menus to create a flexible user experience. And apart from Google Fonts includes Fontello Icons for some stunning visual Font Icons! As a customer of Juno, you have a free lifetime updates and a reliable customer support line for resolving any possible issues.

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arden cute wordpress theme

Arden is a sharp multi-purpose WordPress theme ideal for business websites. But, can a business website be cute? Well, that will certainly come down to what you consider as cute. We had to throw Arden in this mix of the cutest WordPress themes because of its diversity. In total, Arden consists of 30+ demo layouts. A selection that’s not so common, but certainly draws a crowd towards itself. As a recently released theme by ThemeMove, Arden is sitting comfortably at 200 customers. And what to do they have to say about their Arden experience? Nothing but good and positive things, with a solid 4.7 rating on average.

Demo homepages are divided into six groups: corporate, portfolio, one-page, shop, blog, and creative. We found the cutest designs to be amongst the Portfolio and Creative demos. Through the use of minimal design elements and thoughtfully organized pages, its demos are ready to deliver your visitors a stellar user experience. Under the bonnet, Arden is powered by a quick theme installation widget, so you can activate a demo layout in minutes — or as long as it takes for your server to download all the images. In addition to quick installation, each demo is structured with Visual Composer. As a result, you can jump into VC dashboard and unleash your creative side for a result you desire.

During our testing of Arden, we didn’t notice any problems with its performance, despite how feature-heavy this theme is. It appears that the developers are also highlighting performance as one of the advantages of using Arden for your creative website.

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hayden cute wordpress theme

When talking about cute WordPress themes, they could come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of what you are searching for, we, very likely, have it here for you. On top of that, all these themes ensure full flexibility and extendability, for you to customize them however you fancy.

If you are looking to start a kids store, Hayden is the cute WordPress theme powered by WooCommerce you should consider. With the pre-built homes and several other additional internal pages, Hayden is here to get you going fast and reliable. You can now create eCommerce pages for kids fashion, toys, games and baby products without having to know how to code or design. It’s Hayden that provides all the necessities; you only need to enrich it with your branding, items and any other content, and you are ready for the launch.

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cocco cute wordpress theme

Cocco is a cute WordPress theme that you can employ for making fantastic, superb and adorable kids and baby stores. It is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin that makes the whole experience very straightforward. Amazing layouts are pre-crafted for your convenience, offering you multiple solutions for your eCommerce ideas. Besides, the drag and drop builder gives you an opportunity to customize Cocco’s default web design to your branding requirements.

Since the list of features is so vast, we encourage you to see Cocco in action by heading to the live preview page. Only then will you experience the power of the tool and what possibilities it brings to the table. For everyone new to web development, there is no programming needed when crafting with Cocco. For even more safety, there is a friendly team of experts always at your service.

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peggi cute wordpress theme

With a multipurpose children WordPress theme like Peggi, you can make an assortment of different websites with a snap of a finger. Even if you lack coding and designing skills, attaining professional results with Peggi is very likely to happen. After all, the ready-to-use demos and other handy content Peggi offers all its users make sure even beginners and utter newbies get to create pages of the highest standards.

Whether it is a kindergarten, daycare, babysitting, children’s activities or online shop page you would like to bring into being, you can do them effortlessly with Peggi. There are also two premium plugins integrated into the design, but Peggi is compatible with others as well. Utilize all the shortcodes and widgets that are pre-designed and create a genuine experience for everyone visiting your cute website.

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dieter cute wordpress theme

Dieter is a groovy and stylish theme for creative artists and business agencies. A spectacle of modern design, but also original thinking from the developers. Designs like Parallax Home and Metro Portfolio show just how “cute” the Dieter can get. With the intent to help people build awesome websites, the Dieter requires no prior designing experience. Everything from responsive design to custom pages is already built on your behalf. As a result, more of your time can be focused on publishing content.

In addition to Dieter being suitable for a business and a personal website, it’s quite comfortable with eCommerce stores too. In fact, the eCommerce page design had to be my favorite part of the Dieter theme. An eloquent combination of simplicity, but with those solid filters and visuals that make an eCommerce store easy to navigate. The inner pages are super creative and cover lots of unique areas. For example, you can add a careers page, team member showcase, a unique “about me” page, and create a separate list of blog posts as an individual page.

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werkstatt cute wordpress theme

FuelThemes presents Werkstatt — a highly successful theme for creative portfolios. And we mean successful. Werkstatt has a little over 2,700 customers, all showing their admiration for how sensational the designs of this portfolio theme can be. Every single demo of Werkstatt is completely unique as an individual design, which makes this theme all that more amazing. However, the elements used in each design can be interchanged so you can use a grid layout from one design onto another design that you like.

The Werkstatt theme gives a lot of priority of Masonry and Grid style homepages. It’s the pride and joy of this highly creative theme, and let us tell you… these designs are oozing with beauty and style. In the mix, you can find anything from Web Developer designs to full-blown Creative homepages. Creative is definitely the strong suit of Werkstatt, and each design offers flexibility beyond what you’d expect from tools like Customizer.

All demos support one-click installation process. Furthermore, you can transform your website into a multi-language experience by using WPML. Worried about performance? Don’t be, because performance isn’t an issue. Neither is SEO for which the code has been structured to meet the best SEO guidelines. The Werkstatt uses high-quality CSS animations to create dynamic user experiences, and certainly ones that are worth remembering. If you use Werkstatt for a portfolio site, you won’t be disappointed with how easily the theme can leave a lasting impression on your readers.

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flow cute wordpress theme

The Flow theme is a fresh and innovative template which supports latest AJAX technology and numerous creative designs you won’t find anywhere in any other theme. Flow uses something called as “Original Flow” — a template system through which you can create a limitless number of blog and portfolio designs. Furthermore, each of your designs supports Infinite Loading functionality, allowing readers to scroll through ALL of your content without ever reloading a page. Wonderful, and super useful!

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Moreover, another Flow feature is called “Creative Flow” — a way for you to showcase your navigation menus but also use the space to promote the best blog posts you’ve ever written. And lastly, it’s “Waterfall Flow” — which is basically a traditional blog post layout combined with a sticky sidebar, and a smooth waterfall-style content slider to emphasize important content. It’s cute beyond words, but cuteness hasn’t stopped the Flow theme from being amplified with some kick-ass functionality.

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vanda cute wordpress theme

Vanda establishes a new definition for creating websites. A truly unique responsive magazine theme which is suitable for creative blogs, recipe sites, and eCommerce storefronts. Lots and lots of ways for you to make Vanda into a personal theme without losing its core structure. And what a remarkable structure the Vanda is designed with. For example, take the post display layout. Using a professional grid display, you can create a homepage post layout that’s both cute and creative at the same time.

The best example of this would be the near-transparent display of a blog post using a featured image. Blog post metadata is positioned in the bottom-right of the container, while post title, excerpt, and the category is overlayed on top of the featured image. Go see the demo to get a better understanding of this concepts. A sticky menu with clean typography ties together the aspects of quickly navigating the site sections. In the same sticky menu, there’s room for social icons, a search icon, but also the shopping cart button. Yes, Vanda theme is compatible with eCommerce features and is an ideal theme to launch a digital store to sell your brand products with.

As we mentioned earlier, Vanda is a good theme to use for a recipes website. And not because of its sweet design alone. But also because Vanda integrates a recipes post type. This post type consists of elements like preparation times, cuisine type, ingredients list, and also step by step instructions for cooking the design.

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sann wordpress theme

Sånn is a modern and feature-rich WordPress theme with an elegant, enticing and attention-grabbing web design. If you are starting a creative agency or even a freelancing business, present your portfolio and services online in a unique way. With Sånn, you will surely create a strong first impression on everyone that visits your website. And if you would like to edit and adjust default layouts even further, you can do that, too. Have in mind that coding is not necessary when doing the job with Sånn.

In the bundle, you will find many beautiful home page demos which will knock everyone’s socks off. Moreover, Sånn also includes loads of ready-made shortcodes, user-friendly admin, WPBakery page builder and Slider Revolution. Extra features include smooth scrolling, child theme, translation-readiness, compatibility with all popular plugins and responsive design.

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Sweet Jane

sweet jane wordpress theme

Sweet Jane is a cute WordPress theme for everyone in the cake shop space. In fact, even if you are dealing with other delicious treats, Sweet Jane will easily cater to your needs and regulations. Watch out, your mouth might start to water once you begin examining all the outstanding content Sweet Jane brings to the table. You have many full-blown demos available for you to take to your full advantage and shine online. Thanks to Sweet Jane’s cleanness, presenting stunning images will have an even stronger impact on all your visitors. Make it special with Sweet Jane.

Of course, Sweet Jane is 100% mobile ready, cross-browser compatible, retina screen friendly and optimized both for speed and SEO. Loads of shortcodes, over 25 portfolio layouts, Slider Revolution and drag and drop website builder are some more amazing amenities of the always improving Sweet Jane.

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cakecious wordpress theme

Hence the name, Cakecious is a sweet, eye-pleasing and cute WordPress theme for cake shops, bakeries and other food businesses. At the time of writing this, there are five enticing demos available, but you can expect more to drop with future theme updates. There will always something new coming your way when you use Cakecious. From home pages to all the necessary inner layouts, Cakecious delivers all the must-haves and more. You only really need one tool and you will soon be ready to go, impressing new customers like a champ.

Some of the very many features of Cakecious are pixel-perfect coding, responsiveness, drag and drop editing and building, Bootstrap Framework based structure and top-notch performance. But this is just a small fracture of goodness that Cakecious has ready and set for you. All you truly need is having no limitation; approach Cakecious with an open mind and you will soon have a remarkable website live, running smoother than ever.

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freelo cute wordpress theme

IshYoBoy is a popular web designer who mostly specializes in portfolio designs. His work has seen thousands of downloads, and themes like Freelo show his exceptional understanding of portfolio sites, but also the creative side of web design. Freelancers, graphic designers, and creatives, in general, can use Freelo to launch their best portfolio showcase to date. The Freelo is a theme which doesn’t mess with elements that overload a page. Instead, the Freelo WP focuses on strong visual imagery and grid-style portfolio display.

The part we loved the most though is the portfolio items page. Otherwise known as a blog post. But for the sake of this being a portfolio theme, the blog post design is converted into a showcase for whatever you’re currently working on. So, in the portfolio items page, there are two strong elements at play. First of those elements is the display of visual graphics, including a featured image. You’ve lots of width to utilize, so adding full-size images isn’t a problem. The second element is a blog post, which is possible to configure to include quotes, blockquotes, and standard content text. As a result, you can combine these elements to create solid descriptions of your work, but also publish content which acts as a way for you to guide others on how to achieve mastery in your class of work.

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adrenaline cute wordpress theme

Seriously, Extreme Sports and Cute? Don’t jump the ship just yet. Adrenaline deserves the attention and is more than capable of listening to your deepest desires and then meet them with grace. I’m adding this to the cute WordPress themes list because I feel that the Adrenaline Theme is by default a visual-first theme. As a result, you are able to remove default visuals and add your own. Whether they’re going to be cure or not is up to you.

Nevertheless, lots of what this theme offers are integrated with great fluidity. And themes which are fluid tend to be solidified for professional but also creative use. Despite its initial lack of teddy bear animations, the Adrenaline is amped up with 30+ custom widgets, and some of the best WordPress plugins that money can buy. If anything, you have to give this theme a chance if flexibility is what you seek.

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