23 Best Free Minimalist WordPress Themes 2020

Minimalist WordPress themes serve a number of purposes. They can be used for just about any type of website from personal blogs to business websites. One thing that really stands out about minimal themes is their whitespace. So much space around your content serves two purposes: making your content really stand out and minimizing distraction.

Another great thing about minimalist WordPress themes is that they speak to a wide range of needs. If you’re building a gardening blog, you can easily use this type of theme to accentuate photos of flowers and plants. Same goes for websites centered around photography, fashion, beauty, cars, and any number of other topics.

Keeping all this in mind, we’ve put together a list of minimalist WordPress themes that truly speak to the needs of designers and developers. Each of these themes is easy-to-use, include plenty of features, and best of all — free!

Kokoro is a minimalist theme that’s designed with blogs in mind. It’s responsive and offers a lovely layout that can be used for a multitude of purposes. It’s professional-looking and easy to setup as well.

This theme offers large featured images as well as widgets for your sidebar, where you can highlight a bio image, Instagram account, search bar, email list signup, and more. Kokoro even comes with free support. This theme could easily be used for any type of site from personal blogs to niche websites.

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Square is another minimalist theme that offers a flexible and stylish design you can work with in any number of ways. It’s fully responsive and multipurpose, which means it’ll not only work on any browser and any device, but it’ll also suit many difference types of website and topics. It can be easily updated using the WordPress Customizer and has the flexibility to be customized to suit portfolios, blogs, agency websites, corporate websites, and more.

The Square WordPress theme also works seamlessly with WooCommerce and has full WPML and RTL support. It’s SEO-friendly, retina-ready, and makes it easy to build a community thanks to build-in compatibility with leading forum plugins, bbPress and BuddyPress.

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Apex is a minimalist theme that gets straight to the point. This one is super simple and skills the frills altogether — which can be a great thing if that��s what you’re looking for. This WordPress them offers streamlined and fast performance, as well as a responsive design that looks great on any device. You can use this theme to establish a new personal blog, business publication, fashion website, or anything else you can think of.

It even works with WooCommerce, so you could start an online store as well. And just because the theme itself is minimal, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for image-heavy websites. There’s a real benefit for portfolios and photography sites to take up Apex as well. Finally, this theme works with Gutenberg and is easy to customize.

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Baltazar is another free minimal WordPress theme that’s aimed directly at bloggers. Only this time, the style of the theme is for the gentlemanly crowd. So, those who are interested in men’s fashion, grooming, and anything else in that ballpark would definitely be remiss to take this theme for a spin.

Once installed, you find this theme has a masculine design that can work for any number of situations. The theme itself is free and licensed under GPL, so you can use it however you’d like, for as long as you’d like. Or, you can upgrade to the premium version which includes additional features and customization options.

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Laura Lite is another free WordPress theme that you should consider for your next project. This theme offers a feminine style that can be applied to a wide range of websites. Use it on a personal blog, fashion site, food blog, or anything else you’d like. This minimal theme can be adapted to suit any purpose.

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The design itself is responsive and offers a photo-heavy experience to visitors. The font choices are stylish and feminine, the featured images sport text box overlays, and there are a number of widgets you can add to the sidebar to expand functionality further, including a subscription box, social media icons, recent posts, and more. There’s a premium version of this theme available as well but the free on is licensed under GPL.

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Another theme to consider is the Olsen Light WordPress theme. It’s an elegant theme for blogs that can be adapted for use for just about any niche topic, including food, recipes, travel, health, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, photography, and more. The theme itself is responsive and customizable. It’s easy-to-use and setup and takes full advantage of the built-in customizer in WordPress.

If you’d rather work with an expanded set of features, this theme is also compatible with popular page builders like Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, and Divi.

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The Miniva WordPress theme is a lightweight option that’s ideal for bloggers in any niche, but it works especially well for those in the travel niche. It’s mobile-friendly so it’ll look great on any device. The design itself is minimal, of course, but also features plenty of whitespace which allows your content to really shine.

This theme is also extremely simple to customize and use, which is great if you’re in a rush to get started. It loads quickly, supports AMP and makes full use of Jetpack modules so adding features is a snap. Some of the supported modules include infinite scroll, social menus, featured content, and content options.

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Catch Sketch is a multipurpose WordPress theme that has a responsive design that can be customized to suit any purpose. It comes with a multitude of flexible features all while still maintaining an overall minimal aesthetic. This theme is ideal for businesses in particular because it has a wide feature set. It can be used to promote products and services, feature high-quality photos, and more.

Some features that are included are featured sliders, hero content, portfolio support, services section, testimonials, social icons, and featured content. It’s easy to setup and the resulting site has fast loading times.

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The NS Minimal WordPress theme is another option that’s well-suited for bloggers. This lightweight theme is super fast and features a responsive design that’s translation-ready and supports RTL. It’s also SEO-friendly so the content you create will be more likely to be picked up by search engines.

This theme is also mobile-optimized. As far as features, however, you can expect widget support, featured images, social icons, a contact widget for your sidebar, and more.

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As its name would suggest, the Minimal Blog WordPress theme is a great choice for blogs. Who would’ve thought? This one is ideal for personal blogs as well as magazines or publications. The design itself is simple but it relies on your high-quality images, so it never feels sparse.

This theme fully supports WooCommerce, uses the built-in customizer, and is super easy to set up. No custom widgets required. While aimed at beginners, its fully usable by any designer or developer for any reason. It’s truly a well-suited multipurpose blog theme that can be extended for portfolios, personal blogs, and more.

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The Minimalist Blog is another truly multipurpose blog theme option that can be used for a wide range of sites. It can be adapted for portfolios, recipe blogs, fashion blogs, photography sites, health sites, and so much more. Basically, any type of site you want to build, you could achieve it with this theme.

Beside its multipurpose nature, this theme is also fully responsive, mobile-optimized, and in keeping with the latest SEO best practices. It also boasts of a fast loading speed and is super easy to customize thanks to its use of the built-in WordPress customizer. You can easily showcase your best work here.

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With the Minimal Portfolio WordPress theme, you can build a website to house your best work in a cohesive portfolio without the theme’s design itself getting in the way. This theme is built on the Bootstrap 4 framework and makes use of the live preview option so you can see how your site will look as you’re building it.

This theme is very flexible and can be used on personal and business websites. It’s responsive, mobile-optimized, and SEO-friendly. Additionally, you’ll find this theme is translation-ready, supports WPML, and RTL.

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BlogBell is another WordPress theme that sports a minimal style but doesn’t go light on features. It’s perfect for any kind of blog but has a style that lends itself well to travel blogs, food or recipe blogs, and fashion sites. It has a responsive design that’s mobile-optimized. And it can also be customized to best suit your purpose.

This theme also comes with support for a variety of features include a two-column layout, a full-width layout, custom headers, and more. This free minimal theme keeps it simple and that’s precisely why we like it.

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Maicha is another fantastic blog theme that features a minimal design that can adapted for just about any type of blog. Any site that requires the use of large, high-quality images would benefit here, including sites centered around photography, food, music, or travel. This theme is responsive and mobile-optimized, so it’ll look good on any device.

This WordPress theme is also SEO-friendly and translation-ready. Plus, it’s super easy to customize since it relies on the built-in WordPress customizer with live preview. I find it has just enough features to keep you engaged without distracting from the main content.

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Intuitive is another minimal, clean WordPress theme that’s truly multipurpose. Only this time, the theme caters to the corporate crowd and includes features that would benefit businesses. It’s responsive and cross-browser compatible, meaning it’ll look great on any device. It also comes with tons of features you can explore like featured sliders, hero content, portfolio, services, testimonials, featured content, as well as other options.

This theme is super flexible and can be adapted to suit any business. It’s also translation-ready, SEO-friendly, and offers an appealing design that can work in any number of situations.

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Shutter Up is multipurpose WordPress theme centered around photography. It’s got a creative style that’s ideal if you want to set your portfolio or business website apart. The theme itself is minimal and just lets your images do the work. Customization is flexible and the theme comes with a ton of features so you can create the look you want.

Some of those features include featured slider, featured content, hero content, header media, testimonials, portfolio support, services section, contact forms, and more. Shutter Up is a free WordPress theme the prioritizes showcase your work above all else.

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ColorMag is another minimal theme but this one has a specific focus on publications and online magazines. This WordPress theme is what you want to use if you intend on starting a news site, a magazine, or periodical. It’s also a good choice if you want to start a blog that features multiple authors.

This theme comes with a wide set of features including post tags, ad widgets, author widgets, featured posts, featured categories, multiple menus, header banners and ads, social media icons, as well as a variety of homepage and post layout options. ColorMag is a great choice for building any type of website for a publication, so if that’s your goal, give this one a look.

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Hitchcock is a minimal WordPress theme that’s aimed squarely at designers and photographers, though it can be used by anyone in a creative line of work. It has a responsive design, is mobile-optimized, and is SEO-friendly. you can also take full advantage of its support for Gutenberg. In sum, you don’t need to know how to code to make full use of this theme.

Other features of Hitchcock include social icons, Jetpack infinite scroll, custom header images and accent colors, gallery posts, preview titles, editor styling options, font colors and more. This is one is an excellent choice for visual portfolios of all kinds.

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Pure is another great minimalistic choice of WordPress theme that you can use for a wide number of purposes. The design itself is simple and oh-so clean that your content will look fantastic within it. No distractions are to be found here, and that’s precisely as intended.

This theme can easily be used for a blog or portfolio and does so by remaining simple. The homepage features dropdown navigation, custom headers, portfolio support, grid layouts, filters for portfolio categories, and more. Blog posts are supported in a variety of styles as well, including full-width, single slider, YouTube video, Vimeo video, grid layout, masonry layout, and more.

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Maker is aimed at, as its name would suggest, the makers of the world. The creatives who need a clean and consistent portfolio theme that offers an easy way to display their content without distraction. This minimal WordPress theme has a grid-based layout which is ideal for displaying your best works in a cohesive way.

This theme also has easy-to-ready typography that you can customize. Setting this theme up is super easy and the end result is undoubtedly professional. Definitely give this one a look if you are in an creative industry and want a portfolio site that highlights your work but doesn’t get in the way.

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The Anariel Lite WordPress theme offers a straightforward design that’s is appealing as it is easy-to-use. This theme puts your photos front and center and makes it easy for your visitors to get a sense of what you and your brand are about at a glance. You can use this theme for portfolios or blogs as it offers feature sets workable for both.

Set featured images, add a custom logo or header image, establish an “about me” widget in your sidebar and more. This theme keeps things simple and sometimes that’s precisely what you need.

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Spacious is a multipurpose WordPress theme that’s aimed at the agency/corporate crowd. This responsive WordPress theme is well-coded and loads fast, making it a great choice for business websites but it can also be used for portfolios and blogs. It comes with four page layouts, two page templates, 13 widget areas.

It also comes with five custom widgets including a slider, light and dark color skins, the ability to set a primary color option, and more. This theme is translation-ready, SEO-optimized, and mobile-optimized so it’ll look great on any device, too.

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Last on our list is the BeOnePage WordPress theme. This one offers a one-page design that would work well for any business, agency, or creative’s website. It’s mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible, responsive, and retina-ready. This theme can also be customized easily thanks to its ability to be edited using the built-in WordPress customizer.

This theme also offers smooth animations upon scrolling, which makes for a super interactive experience for visitors. The site loads quickly, functions well, and can serve any number of purposes, all without overloading you with design elements that get in the way.

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