20 Long Sleeve Shirt Mockup Templates 2019

When starting a clothing line, you will find these long sleeve shirt mockup templates of great use. On the flip side, even if you are designing promotional material for an upcoming event, heck, even business gifts, again, use these tools and make a photo-realistic presentation. You do not want just to send your design to a print shop and what happens, happens.

Instead, with a life-like solution first, you can investigate your wonderful design before anything else and go from there. This gives you the certainty that the final physical product will be exactly how you envisioned. But you can use a long sleeve mockup for loads more than that.

For instance, you can easily push your new long sleeve design on social media, as well as on your website. Moreover, if you are a designer, let your client experience the possible outcome, too, through a life-like mockup presentation. A lot is possible, and the process of making it happen is a small breeze.

Whether you use online editing mockups or PSD files, the end result will always be spectacular. Not just that, but you will have a lot of fun during the process of enriching it with your creative touches. Look no further and dive all-in now, a realistic presentation is just around the corner.

Long Sleeve Mockup Featuring a Man at the Gym

long sleeve mockup featuring a man at the gym

Let’s get things kicking with a boxer or another martial artist – you decide – sporting a long sleeve shirt. You can edit the shirt both with custom coloring and, of course, your custom design. To your luck, you do all the work online, straight in your browser. You read that right, no need to use Photoshop to make improvements and corrections to this long sleeve shirt mockup. Lastly, you can also append some text to it and encourage the potential buyer to take action immediately. Once done, just download your fresh creation and use it all over the web. You do not need much to make a striking outcome.

Ghosted Mockup of a Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

ghosted mockup of a mens long sleeve shirt

If you are looking for a cool, yet simple, way of putting on display your long sleeve shirt design for men, this mockup could be it. It features a floating shirt with an editable background and color of the garment. With a quick upload function, you get to slide in the design or even a logo and see it appear on the shirt in a hit. Keep in mind, while the working area is of 750 x 1200 px, you can still use a design that is of different sizing. Over on Placeit, you can crop and rearrange the positioning of the creative anyway.

3/4 Sleeve Tee Mockup

3-4 sleeve tee mockup

This might not be a full long sleeve shirt, rather a 3/4 shirt aka a baseball shirt, which still deserves inclusion in this list. It features a woman with a tattooed wrist band, standing in front of a door, outdoors. Alter the shade of the garment, upload your image, add a text and call it a day. Working with a mockup of this caliber is a piece of cake. Regardless of your designing skill levels, you will still succeed at it – anyone does! All you need to do is some clicking and you are good to go.

Long Sleeve Shirt Mockup of a Little Girl

long sleeve shirt mockup of a little girl

Even kids wear long sleeves! If you are working on designing a line of clothing for children, here is a mockup that you should definitely not miss. Why not using an adorable young girl, making a funny face, to present your brand? Well, now you can, and the process of improving her shirt with your branding regulations in kids’ stuff. Did you see what I just did there?
You can even come up with several different varieties before you settle on the clear winner. Use the outcome for online promotions, even in marketing campaigns and trigger parents’ attention. You know only good things are to happen with a realistic presentation.

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Long Sleeve Shirt Mockup of a Woman Standing in Front of a Vintage Car

long sleeve shirt mockup featuring a woman standing in front of a vintage car

This is a more rebellious long sleeve shirt mockup for streetwear brands, but anyone else can use it, too. When you are just starting out, you do not need to hire a model and a photographer to get the product images done. Instead, pick a mockup that resonates with your style best and go from there. Just as simple as it sounds! Have this young woman, standing in front of a vintage car, speak on behalf of your brand professionally. With a few clicks, you can now improve the default settings and make the mockup do its thing. Even if you are a first-timer, the activity will feel very natural.

Long Sleeve Mockup Featuring a Woman wearing Sunglasses

long sleeve mockup featuring a woman wearing sunglasses

For a female, heck, even a unisex long sleeve shirt demonstration, this vibrant mockup will do the magic. No need to be a professional to improve the template, so it follows your needs and direction precisely. What’s also super cool about this exclusive long sleeve shirt mockup is that you can customize sleeves, too. That said, you can upload a shirt design, as well as both left and right sleeve design separately. Make it pop, spark their interest and get the sales going strong. And if you would like to add a call-to-action, like “Buy Me!” you can do that, too.

Long Sleeve Tee Mockup of a Boy

long sleeve tee mockup of a boy

Another nifty long sleeve shirt mockup for kids, this time of a young boy at a playground. You can quickly make a life-like presentation that will help with the online promotion of your new products. Regardless of the design, you have available, you can now test it out in just a click. By hading over to Placeit website, you will immediately notice how effortless the process of enriching the mockup is. Choose any shade from the color picker, upload an image and (optionally) add a text overlay – that’s that! You can always start afresh and create a new variation of the possible final product.

Long Sleeve Tee Mockup of a Handsome Elderly Man

long sleeve tee mockup of a handsome elder man

In this collection of long sleeve shirt mockup templates, we bring to the table a diversity of different scenes. From kids to handsome older adults and everyone else in between, you have a model rocking a long sleeve tee for you to style and design accordingly. This particular solution features a bearded senior with a fully editable shirt. Make it black, make it white or make it as colorful as you want; the shirt supports any shade you fancy. Moreover, you can also add a 750 x 1000 px design to it and let the older man rock it like a pro.

Long Sleeve Shirt Mockup of a Woman Reading at Home

long sleeve shirt mockup of a woman reading at home

If you are interested in making a life-like demonstration of a loose long sleeve shirt for women, here is the best alternative for you. The mockup features an older woman, reading, in her favorite sofa. You can have her represent your design or logo easily and push the boundaries of online promotion. Do not miss changing the color of the garment, too. Without breaking a single drop of sweat, you can now have a demonstration ready to rock your social media or website or even impress the client you work with. For a small investment of time and money, you can end up with a photo-realistic presentation that will tickle their fancy.

Man’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mock-Up

mans long sleeve tshirt mockup

A collection of four long sleeve shirt mockup templates, offering you complete product presentation. Back, front, as well as side views, you get it all for your convenience. Each file is, of course, entirely customizable and editable for you to get the most out of it with ease. In short, make the template practice your branding directions to a T and create an outcome that will boost the shirt’s potential through the roof. For your information, there is also a help file included in the package for you to get the gist of it. The amazing quality of each file also ensures a detailed demonstration.

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Long Sleeve Raglan Sweatshirt Mockup

long sleeve raglan sweatshirt mockup

A stunning, easy to use and A-grade bundle of long sleeve raglan sweatshirt mockups. For your information, there are five life-like PSD files in the kit for you to take to your total advantage right off the get-go. Each mockup template is fully layered and modifiable for you to brand it with ease. Once you import the file to Photoshop, fun times begin. You can alter the color of every element of the item. From body and sleeves to cuffs, collar and the inside neck area. Of course, you can append just about any design you want to the sweater, both on the base and on the sleeves.

Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mockups

women long sleeve tshirt mockups

For everyone who is designing a female long sleeve shirt, this is probably one of the best mockup sets to get your hands on. In the bundle of goodies, you will discover three female models in four different poses each. In total, you get twelve stunning and photo-realistic PSD files that are quick and easy to improve with your branding directions. Instead of paying a hefty fee to models and a photographer, you can now go with a pack of mockup templates and make an immediate difference. Change the color of the garment and slide in your design via the smart object layer; in little to no time, you will have a full-blown presentation all set and available to impress.

Long Sleeve Merch Mockup

long sleeve merch mockup

When designing merch or a new clothing line, a long sleeve shirt is very likely to be on the list. If so, here is a magnificent, clean and modern mockup that will trigger your interest in a snap. With the two ready-made PSD files, you can create a presentation of the front and the back shirt design. First and foremost, you can change the color of the garment to any shade you want. Moreover, add a design, a logo or a quote to the base of the shirt, as well as to the sleeves. You can also pick between tri-blend and heather fabrics. Finally, perform any last customization tweaks and make a presentation that is exactly to your liking.

Long Sleeve Men Polo Shirt Mockup

long sleeve men polo shirt mockup

A front and back view of a long sleeve polo shirt for men. With this mockup template, you can quickly bring into view the design idea you have for the shirt. With the two views, you can establish a striking demonstration that you can later use on social media, your blog, online store, well, just about anyplace on the web. And if working with a client, a mockup is also a great solution to give them a better idea of how the final product will look. This fully editable mockup template comes at 6000 x 4000 px resolution that ensures the first-class presentation.

Long Sleeve Women Shirt Mockup

long sleeves women shirt mockup

A package of three long sleeve women shirt mockup templates for you to take to your benefit. With the three available views, you ensure a fantastic virtual manifestation of the free long sleeve shirt design. All sections of the shirt are entirely changeable for your convenience. From the base to the sleeves and even the neck ring, make it your way completely. Each PSD file also comes with displacement maps and an option to add a custom background. All is in perfect order, tidy, so you comfortably approach the editing process that will take you little to no time.

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Men Long Sleeve Shirt Mockups

men long sleeve shirt mockups

Whether you are creating a design for one long sleeve shirt or a few, this kit will do you well. It consists of twelve different PSD files, featuring three male models in four different poses. What else you need? Each file is organized and commented for you to easily get the most out of it regardless of your Photoshop skills. You will need to undergo a rapid and simple task of enriching the template with your creative touches. Bear in mind, there is also the “vintage distressed effect” that gives each template this awesome characteristic. With this bundle of mockups, you are readier than ever to make a life-like demonstration of the long sleeve shirt design.

Free long sleeve shirt mockup templates

Long Sleeve T-Shirt PSD Mockup

long sleeve t-shirt psd mockup

You guessed it; we also bring to the table several free long sleeve shirt mockup templates that you can utilize right away. Since they cost you nothing, you can put them into play with a click on the button and see speedy and spectacular results.
This fantastic solution offers you to put to view both the front and the back design of a long sleeve shirt. You can also change the color of the background and make the mockup sport your wants and requirements to a T. It should be a smooth sail from importing the file to Photoshop and realizing a life-like demonstration.

Long Sleeve Woman Shirt PSD Mockup

long sleeve woman shirt psd mockup

This is a super fashionable female long sleeve shirt mockup that will appear outstandingly beautiful. Although a free tool, you still have loads of different options and possibilities that will put you right on track. For instance, you can change the color of both the shirt and the background. Moreover, slide in your creative design, a logo or a quote via the smart objects, save the creation and you are done doing the work. Only basic Photoshop skills are necessary to successfully use this practical mockup and make the most out of it. Amaze and impress both your client and your customers and make a difference.

Cool Modern Longsleeve Shirt Mockup

cool modern longsleeve shirt mockup

If a mockup is free, it does not mean the outcome will be anywhere close to half-baked, at least not in our case. This is another sophisticated and easy to use long sleeve shirt mockup design that will do you exceptionally well. With the amazing customization functions, you can quickly set up the exact long sleeve that you would like to offer your fans. Of course, if working with a client, create a life-like demonstration of the item and have them hooked in an instant. Do yourself a favor, download this editable and layered PSD mockup now and set yourself apart from the competition.

Long Sleeve Men Shirt PSD Mockup

long sleeve men shirt psd mockup

If you are on the hunt for an editable, photo-realistic and print-ready long sleeve shirt mockup, this is the one. Keep in mind, you can use the template both for personal and commercial projects. The outcome will be striking and attention-grabbing, perfect for you to use it for pushing a new product drop like a champ. The outstandingly high resolution of the mockup also makes sure that you go very detailed with your presentation. In other words, even if you would like to make close-ups, you can do them with ease, since the design will appear with crystal clarity. Now get creative and make a realistic demo without a hassle. Visit here for more information.

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