15 Best Jewelry Ecommerce WordPress Themes 2019

WordPress is an excellent choice for creating online shops and jewelry stores are no exception. Thanks to this collection of the best jewelry ecommerce WordPress themes, you’ll be able to create a stylish and professional looking online shop to help you sell more of your products online.

The themes in this collection all integrate seamlessly with the WooCommerce ecommerce toolkit for WordPress. The free WooCommerce plugin provides everything you need to get started with selling online. As your needs grow, you can browse the growing library of WooCommerce extensions to add new features and functionality to your online store.

Many of these themes can be used to create a wide range of ecommerce stores with WordPress. However, to qualify for a place in this collection, each theme must have at least one pre-built jewelry store ecommerce demo. By importing this demo content, you’ll have quickly laid the foundation for your online jewelry store, leaving you to add your own products, images, and text.

Whether you want to create a large ecommerce jewelry website or simply add shopping cart and checkout functionality to your online jewelry portfolio, the themes in this collection will provide you with everything you need.


Primrose is best described as a minimal ecommerce theme for stores selling creative products.

To help you get your website online as quickly as possible, this jewelry ecommerce WordPress theme includes an attractive pre-built demo. In fact, with Primrose you actually get a few slightly different homepage layouts to choose from. One includes a stylish grid to display your products. One of the other pre-built demos features a slider, while another gives you the opportunity of displaying background videos. All options are ideal for highlighting your best products or the reasons why your visitors should become your customers.

As well as the homepage demos, the Primrose theme includes page templates for all the inner content of your site. These templates cover the individual product pages, the store pages, and layouts for your blog.

Although the pre-built content that makes up Primrose looks great, it can easily be customized. Thanks to the inclusion of a drag-and-drop page builder tool, you can easily modify any of the demo layouts. Creating your own page designs is also possible too. Other customization options available with Primrose include the ability to modify the default color and typography settings.

With a one-click demo importer tool, Primrose makes it easy to start your new jewelry website.

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Aurum is a minimalist ecommerce theme that’s perfect for letting your products take center stage.

The six ecommerce demos are all very stylish. However, the purpose built jewelry option should appeal to most readers. Included in this jewelry demo are all the page templates your store will need. This will help your product, shopping cart, customer account, and checkout pages all share a consistent design. Even the search results, error, and contact page templates feature a similar design, helping to deliver a positive user experience.

To enable you to populate your jewelry ecommerce store with useful content, the Aurum theme includes a library of shortcodes. At the touch of a button, you can add banners, buttons, logos, and testimonials to your website with these shortcodes. The shortcodes can also be used to insert specific products into any part of your website. This feature can be used to help you highlight your best items throughout your site.

Aurum has been optimized for mobile devices, with a good level of support for customers using touchscreen devices. Visitors with retina or high definition screens will also appreciate this theme’s compatibility with their displays. Other features of Aurum include a drag-and-drop page builder, mega menus, and a transparent header area.

Aurum’s a good choice if you’d like your store to have a design that doesn’t draw attention from your products.

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Nitro is a multi-purpose ecommerce WordPress theme with a demo that fits right into this collection of jewelry themes.

Although this is a highly customizable ecommerce theme and each of the Nitro demos can be easily modified for a range of projects, if you’re looking for an off-the-shelf solution for your online jewelry store, Nitro has a pre-built demo just for you.

The developers of this theme understand that you want to give your jewelry ecommerce website a professional and classy look. Therefore, Nitro has a stylish and modern design that will help promote the most luxury and high-end jewelry products. As well as the large homepage slideshow that’s perfect for highlighting your best items, the Nitro ecommerce demo has a library of useful templates for displaying your products in an effective way.

As the Nitro ecommerce jewelry theme includes the Visual Composer page builder plugin, you can customize any of the included templates to ensure they meet your needs. You’ll also find a pop-up plugin in the theme package to help you grow your customer email list. You can also use this tool to promote your best offers in an elegant pop-up window.

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With a great set of ecommerce features, such as wish lists, stock level alerts, and more, Nitro is a theme that is perfect for anyone who wants to grow their online retail business.

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Kallyas is another multi-purpose theme that is well suited to creating an online jewelry store with WordPress.

The Kallyas theme has over 20 impressive website demos to choose from. However, the two demos built specifically for creating online jewelry shops, not to mention the watch shop demo, will help you save a lot of time and effort when it comes to launching your ecommerce website.

Importing the demo content only takes a few clicks, leaving you to upload your products and personzlize the text. Configuring your ecommerce store is straightforward, thanks to the support for the leading WooCommerce online shop builder WordPress plugin.

If you want to get creative with the design and appearance of your new jewelry ecommerce store, the integrated live front-end page builder tool is on hand to help you customize the demo content. Designing your own custom layouts from scratch isn’t a problem with either. In fact, with so many features and tools included with Kallyas, this is one of the most flexible options in this collection.

Whether you want to build an online watch shop with WordPress or start a jewelry ecommerce project, Kallyas has the looks and features to help you succeed.

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Franco gives you 16 homepage designs and website demos to choose from when setting up your jewelry ecommerce store.

The overall look and feel of this theme is very elegant, making it well suited to creating an online jewelry store with WordPress. However, among the pre-built websites is a selection of high-quality ecommerce demos including one purpose-built jewelry store demo.

Thanks to the inclusion of the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin, you can quickly modify any of the demos to match your jewelry store’s style and branding. However, if you’re looking for a more straightforward way to launch your site, the online jewelry shop demo has everything you could need.

The default homepage layout of the jewelry store demo makes it easy for your visitors to find your best products. The product category page templates do a good job of presenting your inventory is a stylish way, while the other ecommerce features make it easy to share the location of your physical premises using the interactive store locator tool.

The ability to mix and match the different ecommerce templates of the Franco theme makes this a good choice for creating your own custom ecommerce store with WordPress.

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Massive Dynamic is perfect for a range of different projects, including creating a jewelry website.

While the 51 Massive Dynamic website demos are all very impressive, the jewelry store demo is the one we’re most interested in here. Of course, as this is a flexible theme, you could use any of the other demos for your store and then tweak it to better meet your needs. However, if you’re short on time, then importing the jewelry store demo is the best way to get started.

The Massive Dynamic theme includes the Massive Builder tool. This advanced drag-and-drop page builder tool has all the features you’ll need to customize the appearance of your site. As well as personalizing the theme’s demo content, you can also use Massive Builder to create new advanced page designs for your site. As the theme and the builder have been created by the same team, they both integrate seamlessly with each other.

Other tools included in the Massive Dynamic theme package include the Slider Revolution slideshow creator, a premium pricing tables plugin, a social sharing tool, and for extra flexibility, the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder. Massive Dynamic has also been built to work with the best WordPress plugins, including the WooCommerce online store builder plugin.

With a true point-and-click live text editor, Massive Dynamic and its page builder makes editing your website easier than ever before.

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Soapery is a stylish ecommerce theme for creating stores selling soaps and other handcrafted goods.

Depending on the type of jewelry you’re selling and your target audience, the elegant Soapery could be a great choice. The pastel tones and bright color scheme make Soapery an obvious choice for more feminine or delicate products.

However, as this is a flexible theme, swapping the colors and other styling elements is relatively straightforward. As well as tweaking the colors through the theme’s control panel, you can also use Visual Composer. This tool makes it easy to redesign any of the demo content. Visual Composer can also be used to create new page layouts that are a better match for your products.

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As well as a great homepage design and stylish blog post templates, the ecommerce pages of this theme look great. The product category page templates are all nicely designed, while the individual product page templates do a good job of showing off your goods. Your customers can filter your inventory by price and other properties. Searching your store is easy too, thanks to the AJAX-powered live search feature.

The Soapery ecommerce theme has a visual style that makes it perfect for a specific type of jewelry store.

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XStore has a stylish jewelry store demo however; there are over 30 other ecommerce demos to work with.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your store, then checking out the library of XStore demos is recommended. As well as the ready-made jewelry website demo, the other ecommerce demos include clothing, eyewear, wedding, and cosmetic website designs to name just a few.

When checking out the XStore demos, keep in mind the fact that they can be easily tweaked through the theme options control panel. This gives you the option of making changes to the appearance of your site, including the fonts, colors, layout options, and more. If you want to carry out more advanced customization work, then the premium Visual Composer page builder tool is included in the theme package. You can also mix and match the templates from the different XStore demos to ensure your ecommerce store has the right look.

Installing the theme and importing the demo content is very straightforward. Simply upload the theme files, install the required and recommended plugins, and choose your demo website from the 30+ options.

If you’re new to WordPress or creating ecommerce stores, then the XStore video tutorials will help you with your project from start to finish.

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The Luxury is an ecommerce theme that’s been designed to help you sell high-end jewelry and accessories online.

When setting up your jewelry ecommerce store, The Luxury theme gives you two styles to choose from. The dark style is recommended for selling watches, while the light style is focused towards stores selling bags and shoes. However, you’re free to ignore the theme guidelines and use the different demos any way you like.

Whichever demo version you choose, you’ll be able to quickly import this theme into your WordPress website. After that, you can either simply go in and add your own content, or fire up the page builder and start customizing the entire design.

The Luxury theme has been built to help create online portfolios as well as online stores. Thanks to this, the included page templates make The Luxury a good choice for anyone selling photogenic items that rely on high-quality photos to turn visitors into customers. The integrated Master Slider plugin makes adding slideshows of your product photos to your site very straightforward too.

The Luxury theme is a good choice if you want to use high-quality photos to help your products catch the attention of your shoppers.

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BigBazaar is another multi-purpose WordPress theme with a stylish jewelry store demo and plenty of features.

The jewelry store demo has a modern look that’s ideal for stores selling a wide range of jewelry products. If your business doesn’t specialize in a few specific types of jewelry and your store needs a more neutral design to accommodate many different types of items, BigBazaar could be a good option.

The homepage layout of the BigBazaar jewelry demo can display a large selection of products. This makes BigBazaar suitable for online stores with large inventories. BigBazaar has lots of widgets and other features to help your visitors find their way around your store and discover the products that appeal to them. A powerful search tool, mega menus, and a hot deals panel are just some of the different ways you can present your items.

Many of the features of the BigBazaar ecommerce theme are optional. However, if you’d like to use an auto-scrolling news ticker to promote your latest additions, or create a product slideshow to highlight multiple items in one location, then this theme makes it easy to do so.

BigBazaar is packed with page layouts and templates and has many ecommerce-focused features that will help make your store a success.

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Basel is a versatile WordPress theme that’s ready for any type of ecommerce-related project.

As well as the custom jewelry ecommerce demo, Basel has 21 other online shop demos to choose from. As these demos are all easily customizable, if you’d prefer to use one of the other prebuilt websites for your store, you can quickly modify it to meet your needs.

Through the theme options control panel, you can decide which of the header templates to choose. You can also decide which layout to use for your site. Layout options include full width, boxed, and a few more designs. Switching the default sidebar location is easy too.

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In addition to the 22 ecommerce demos, Basel has a vast library of layouts and templates. These are ideal for styling the individual pages of your store. Among the different layout options, you’ll find a number of grid layouts. This includes the popular masonry grid layout. There’s also a good selection of templates for your store’s product pages. Thanks to this, you get many options when it comes to deciding how your jewelry and other products are presented.

To ensure you have full control over your ecommerce store, whether you’re a developer or not, the powerful Visual Composer page builder plugin is included in the package. Not only will this save you $34 on the price of the plugin but you’ll also be able to make small and large changes to your site, all through a drag-and-drop, front-end user interface.

Basel covers all the bases when it comes to store demos, ecommerce features, and customization options.

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WOOW and its clean and modern design will help you create a stylish ecommerce store for your jewelry business.

Although the WOOW theme has four different demos, there’s also a great selection of useful page templates and layouts. Thanks to this, you can either choose just one of the pre-built demos and import it to your site before adding your products, or you can mix and match the different templates to create a site with a more custom look.

If you do choose the jewelry store ecommerce demo, your site will have a fairly neutral design. However, if this doesn’t match your preferences and company branding, don’t worry. Wth WOOW, you’re free to use the theme options to customize the color scheme and other display settings.

Like many of the other themes in this collection, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution are included with WOOW. Thanks to these commercial plugins, you can quickly edit any of the demo content, including the slideshows.

Among the ecommerce features that make WOOW a good choice for online stores, are the product quick view mode, the product image scroller, the wish list feature, and the ability to zoom in on the product images. When setting up your store, there’s also a range of layouts for your shop’s home page and product category pages.

WOOW has a sleek design that makes it well suited to upmarket jewelry stores.

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Royal is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with 16 ecommerce demos among its library of over 60 website demos.

As well as a high-quality jewelry store demo, Royal has a number of more generic ecommerce demos. These non-specific demos could also be used for a site selling jewelry online or promoting a brick and mortar jewelry shop. Thanks to the pre-built templates, you can easily add the essential pages to your online shop, such as the FAQ, delivery, about, and contact pages.

If you’d like to use your new website to showcase some of the projects you’ve worked on or items you’ve created, then you could use the Royal portfolio templates. Through the different portfolio templates, you can highlight some of your best work to help present your products in more detail. Adding a blog to your jewelry website is also very straightforward, thanks to the purpose-built selection of blogging templates.

In the Royal theme package, you’ll find a handful of commercial plugins. This includes the Visual Composer page builder tool, the Essential Grid layout creator plugin, the Master Slider and Slider Revolution slideshow builders. There’s also a live chat plugin to help you connect with visitors who are browsing your store.

Whatever type of jewelry website you want to make, Royal should help you realize your vision.

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Jewellry is a flexible WooCommerce-ready WordPress theme to help you sell more of your goods online.

Unlike some other jewelry ecommerce WordPress themes, this one only includes a single homepage design and website demo. This might sound like a drawback. However, if you want to get your website online in the quickest time possible this will help. Choosing a theme that gives you the least amount of decisions to agonize over, can speed things up considerably.

Simply upload and activate the theme files to get started. You can then begin adding your product descriptions and store details to your new jewelry ecommerce site. Basic changes can be made to your store through the theme options control panel. This includes uploading your business logo, tweaking the color scheme, and choosing the right fonts.

Jewellry is a one size fits all ecommerce WordPress theme that aims to help you get your site online with as little fuss as possible.

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