12 Best Lifestyle WordPress Themes 2019

12 Best Lifestyle WordPress Themes 2019

If you want to create a personal blog, magazine-style site, or other types of content-focused websites, this collection of the best lifestyle WordPress themes provides you with lots of options.

All of these themes feature stylish and modern designs that will ensure your website and its content appeals to your target audience. As well as interesting homepage layouts, these themes all include multiple templates for the articles you’ll be publishing on your blog.

As well as providing you with pre-built content, all of these lifestyles WordPress themes let you customize your website to some degree. While some themes keep it simple, just giving you the ability to change the colors and fonts in use on your site, others include drag-and-drop page builder tools and detailed control panels that make it possible to adjust almost every aspect of your website. However, all of the themes in this collection are fully mobile-friendly to ensure that everyone can access your site, no matter what type of device they’re using.

So if you’re looking for a theme that will help you present your content in the best possible way, you’re sure to find a suitable option in this collection of modern lifestyle WordPress themes.

CheerUp is a blog and magazine WordPress theme that has over 500 possible homepage configurations

Although many of those homepage configurations are only slightly different from each other, that number should give you an idea of how flexible this theme is. When setting up the CheerUp theme, you can first choose from the 11 main homepage designs. Then you can start exploring the customization options to begin personalizing your website.

The 11 homepage styles cover projects like blogs and magazine sites, as well as layouts suitable for fashion, lifestyle, parenting, and travel websites. There are plenty of options for using the CheerUp theme so be sure to check out all the demos before making a decision on this one. Through the customization options, you can easily apply different sections and features from the other demos to your site. This includes your choice of slider layout, blog post configurations, and header styles.

For even more customization possibilities, CheerUp comes equipped with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin – previously known as Visual Composer – to simplify the process of editing the pre-built content. As this plugin is well known for its user-friendly visual interface and an impressive selection of content elements, you should find it easy to create custom designs for your homepage and each article that you publish on your blog or website. CheerUp also has full ecommerce support via the leading WooCommerce plugin, giving you the option of selling any type of item from your WordPress website.

With so many customization options available, you should have no trouble creating a unique website with the CheerUp lifestyle theme.

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Rima is a WordPress blogging theme with a drag-and-drop editor for creating custom blog post layouts.

If you want to ensure that each article you publish on your blog has a unique design that can catch the attention of your visitors, then Rima is well worth considering. Thanks to the integration with the powerful Elementor page builder, you can use the intuitive visual editor of this tool to create custom layouts for your blog posts and the other pages on your site. Elementor also comes with its own library of editable content templates, giving you a quick way to publish attractive articles on your site or some inspiration for your own designs.

The Rima package includes a good selection of custom widgets for adding interesting elements to your site. Some examples include the About Me widget, the Twitter and Instagram widgets, and an option that can be used to collect email addresses from your visitors if you want to start a newsletter. As the Elementor page builder tool included in the Rima package is compatible with all WordPress widgets, you can easily insert these elements into any pages you’re editing with this page builder.

Thanks to the library of pre-built page sections that make up the Rima theme, you can easily insert these different sections into your pages and combine them to build your own custom layouts. With these content options and customization tools and settings to hand, you won’t find it difficult to add your personality to this lifestyle blog theme. Another creative tool at your disposal is the slideshow builder. Now you can quickly customize the demo sliders or create your own slideshows and carousels to showcase your best content, whether that’s photographs, videos, or blog posts.

Rima has enough pre-built layouts and templates as well as customization tools to help you launch a personal lifestyle blog with WordPress.

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Fallsky is ideal for travel and lifestyle bloggers who are looking for a stylish design for their site.

If you’ll be publishing lots of photographs on your blog or website, then Fallsky could be a great choice. Thanks to the full-width layout and the way images are incorporated into its design, it’s easy to make your photographs the focal point of your website with Fallsky. With good support for displaying featured post images, creating image sliders, and using large background images, Fallsky is definitely a visually appealing lifestyle blogging theme.

As well as using images to make your website stand out from the crowd, you can also customize the default homepage layout by rearranging the available widgets. As all of the work takes place through the intuitive WordPress Customizer interface, you can easily drag and drop the widgets into new positions of your choice. The Customizer also has controls for many other display properties of your site, including the settings for changing colors, fonts, and layout options. Changing the sidebar location from right to left is also an option with Fallsky, as is choosing whether to display advertising on your site or not.

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If your blog has been created with a goal in mind, you can use the custom call-to-action widget to insert this type of element into your content as needed. You also have the option of adding newsletter sign up forms to your blog, helping you to increase your email subscriber numbers. Full WooCommerce support is included too, giving you the ability to sell items and collect payments directly from your blog.

If you’re looking for a lifestyle blogging theme with an eye-catching look, Fallsky could be for you.

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Hawthorn is a blog and ecommerce theme that’s suitable for publishing content on a wide range of topics.

With a sleek design that’s well suited to lifestyle blogs and magazine websites, Hawthorn could be the perfect theme for your project. When setting up your blog, you can choose from many different homepage layouts and configurations. Some of these options include a range of different grid layouts, multiple list styles, and a range of sidebar-related options. So how ever you’d like your homepage and latest blog posts to be displayed, there should be a pre-configured layout in the Hawthorn package.

As well as the homepage layouts, there’s a good selection of article or blog post templates to work with. These post formats and templates can help you chose the right design for each piece of content that publish while also preventing all of your content from looking exactly the same. There are also different layouts for the category pages on your blog, giving you multiple options when deciding how these archive pages should look.

Other ways you can use the Hawthorn theme to give your lifestyle blog an appealing design includes the ability to display an Instagram feed on your site, including in the site header area, as well as the custom widgets that can be added to your homepage and other areas of your blog. The article slider widget is a great example of this, giving you a quick and easy way to add some of your best articles to a slider that can be inserted into your site in a range of locations.

When it comes to options for personalizing your blog, the available settings can be accessed through the WordPress Customizer interface. Thanks to this, you can change the colors, fonts, and other display properties of your site while having a live preview of how they will look. So although Hawthorn doesn’t include a page builder tool – you do have the option of installing your own choice of plugin from this category – you can still adjust the look of your blog to match your vision.

Hawthorn makes it easy to launch a stylish and mobile-friendly lifestyle blog with WordPress.

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TheGem can help you create a lifestyle blog or similar type of website with WordPress.

With a huge library of pre-built content, you’ll get lots of templates to choose from when setting up your lifestyle website with TheGem. Furthermore, the already impressive number of pre-built website demos is being added to on a regular basis, making TheGem one of the most well maintained and regularly updated themes out there.

When it comes to options for your lifestyle website, there’s a good selection of pre-built content to choose from. For example, there are multiple personal blog demos that you can import into your WordPress website as well as lots of templates for creating personal portfolios and sharing your photographs, work, and other content online. As the demos include stylish homepages and templates for all the inner pages your site will need, you should get access to everything you need to launch your lifestyle blog or website, all in one package.

For those who want to create a unique lifestyle website that stands out from the crowd or reflects their personality, the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin will appeal. With this tool at your disposal, you can make small and large changes to the pre-built templates as well as design your own layouts from scratch, all through a fully modern drag-and-drop visual editor.

If you ever want to expand your lifestyle website and turn it into a business project, perhaps by adding products for sale or by promoting your services, TheGem has full ecommerce support to facilitate this. Regardless of how your blog or website evolves in the future, you won’t need to change themes if you start out with the multipurpose TheGem.

With pre-built content to match every type of project and personality, TheGem could be the ultimate lifestyle theme.

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Shout works well for a range of content-rich sites including online magazines and lifestyle blogs.

The first step when creating a blog with the Shout theme is to choose one of the demos. With nine unique designs available, you’re sure to find one that’s a good match for your blog. Among the options are a lifestyle design, a beauty blog demo, a travel layout, and a magazine mode. Then once you’ve made a decision, you can use the one-click demo importer tool to quickly transfer the content to your WordPress website.

Although the nine website demos look great if you can’t find one that’s a perfect match for your vision don’t worry. As Shout is a highly flexible theme, you shouldn’t have any problems adjusting the pre-built content. With a feature-rich theme options control panel on hand, customizing the settings and properties of your site is very straightforward with Shout. You’ll also have access to the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin if you choose this theme for your blog, giving you an easy way to edit the demo content, design your own custom homepage layouts, and produce unique layouts for all of your blog posts and pages. As WPBakery Page Builder has its own library of 50 elements that can be inserted into your posts and pages, you have the option of adding some useful and interesting features to your content.

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If you want to use your blog for more than just publishing articles, such as selling products, promoting your services, or generating advertising revenue, Shout already includes lots of the features you might need. Some examples include the testimonials widget that will help you publish feedback from clients and customers, the full WooCommerce support that can add all the essential ecommerce features to your site, and the ability to create custom product and pricing comparison tables.

Shout is a feature-rich content-focused WordPress theme that should appeal to lifestyle bloggers.

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Noemi aims to combine maximum functionality with a minimalist design.

With nine different blog demos to choose from, Noemi has something for everyone. So whether you’re a personal blogger, writing about a specific topic, or running a multi-author online magazine, Noemi is worth checking out. As you might expect from a versatile lifestyle blog theme, Noemi has lots of different layouts for you to work with. These options include multiple blog homepage designs, as well as lots of layouts for your category pages and individual blog posts.

Whether you want to use sidebars or opt for a full-width layout, you can use the Noemi blog theme in either configuration. If you do decide to enable sidebars on your entire site or parts of it, you can use the selection of widgets to display a range of content to your readers. With social media widgets for displaying content from your accounts or links to your profile, as well as newsletter sign up forms and advertising widgets, you can easily add some useful content to the sidebar and footer areas of your site.

Another publishing option you have with the Noemi theme is the ability to create post sliders. You can create multiple sliders, each with their own content and settings, then display them in different locations on your blog. These elements can be a good way to showcase your best content and hopefully encourage your readers to view more of your articles. Noemi also has a number of header layouts and settings for this important part of your blog. Among the options, you’ll find a header style that displays your featured posts, one that includes your user profile, and another which lists your featured categories. There are two footer options as well, including one that displays your choice of content from Instagram.

Noemi isn’t lacking in features when it comes to presenting your blog and its articles.

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Matilda is another minimal lifestyle WordPress blog theme with lots of useful features.

If you’re looking for a flexible blogging theme, then Matilda is worth a closer look. The eight homepage variations increase your chances of finding a suitable layout for the front page of your blog, while the library of post templates and formats will help you present each article in the right way. The combination of sidebar and full-width layouts, as well as different grid formats and other arrangements, ensure you’re not short of options with Matilda.

You’ll also find useful templates for the about, contact, and privacy pages of your blog. Like many of the other options in this collection of the best lifestyle blog WordPress themes, Matilda includes a social media widget that can be used to display the latest photographs from your Instagram account in the footer and other areas of your site. Additional widgets cover different purposes, such as displaying a list of your latest posts, your personal profile with links to your social media accounts, and an option for monetizing your blog with adverts.

As Matilda has a minimal design, it should load quickly. The developers of this theme have tested its performance and recorded some impressive scores. However, your results may vary based on the type of content you’re publishing, the web host you’ve chosen, and which plugins you’re using. Although, if site speed is a priority – and it should be – then choosing a theme with a minimalistic design like Matilda can help. While Matilda isn’t packed with third-party plugins, such as a drag-and-drop page builder or sliders, it is fully compatible with these types of extensions, giving you the option of choosing whether to install these plugins or not.

Matilda looks great out of the box but also has lots of customization options to help you personalize your blog.

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Marni has a clean and unobtrusive design that won’t distract from your blog content.

If you want your content to be the focal point of your blog, then the Marni WordPress theme has a subtle design that won’t take any attention away from your text, images, or videos. Although there are three different website demos in the Marni package, they all share a similar style that will give your blog a simple and understated look without ever being boring.

However, despite not being packed with fancy animation effects and similar gimmicks, Marni still has some stylish features for you to make use of. For one, there are the featured boxes that allow you to display your content in a range of different grid layouts. The boxes that display your posts and other WordPress content can be arranged in an array of shapes and sizes to give your blog an interesting look. You can even set the featured boxes as external links to pages on other websites, such as products or other offers.

When setting up your website, there’s plenty of aspects of this lifestyle WordPress theme that can be customized. Thanks to the selection of pre-built header layouts, you can easily choose the option that works the best for your project. There are also over 800 icons that can be displayed on your site as needed along with the option of selecting from an unlimited color pallet for the different areas of your blog. Displaying background images on your blog is straightforward too, helping you to add some of your personality to the design of your website. If you want to sell products from your website, either now or in the future, the Marni blog theme has full support for the WooCommerce plugin, making it easy to add the essential ecommerce functionality to your site in just a few clicks.

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Marni will provide you with a stylish template for your blog that’s easy to customize.

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Soledad should appeal to a very wide audience, thanks to its library of over 3,500 homepage demos to choose from.

With thousands of ready-made website demos that can be imported into your WordPress site in just a few clicks, there’s a good chance you’ll find a design that’s right for your blog with Soledad. Nearly all of the Soledad demos are well suited to content-rich websites, like blogs and magazine sites, including designs for travel, DIY, food, tech, and SEO sites. There are also more generic designs, including minimal layouts, feature-rich demos, and corporate-style options. Soledad has full support for Google AMP, so regardless of which demo you choose, your blog will be mobile-friendly.

As well as the blog and magazine related templates, Soledad also has a good selection of layouts for publishing portfolio content. So if you’d like to showcase your work or content you’ve created for fun, you can easily add an online portfolio to your blog or magazine site. In this regard, there are lots of layouts to choose from, including different grid options and single portfolio item templates. If you want to sell services and products from your site, whether they are digital or physical products, Soledad has all the templates that part of your site will need too.

Like many popular lifestyle WordPress themes, Soledad comes with a selection of different header layouts. There’s also an optional mega menu feature that allows you to upgrade your drop-down menus and display images and other types of content in this area of your site. The post format templates will come in handy too, if you’re publishing videos, quotes, and galleries, alongside your regular blog posts.

With a wide range of different designs and lots of useful features, Soledad works well for many types of blogs and content-rich websites.

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Humble uses sliders and custom widgets to give you the ability to add lots of interesting features to your blog.

With three main slider types available to be imported into your WordPress website as part of the Humble demos, this theme is ideal for anyone who wants to display their posts, pages, and other content in the popular slideshow format. As these sliders have already been created, all you have to do is edit their settings through the intuitive interface and define which content they will display. Then your blog readers can scroll through the slides, and if anything catches their eye, they can click through to view the article, photograph, or other types of content.

In addition to the pre-built slideshow configurations, Humble also provides you with different blog layouts to use throughout your website. With multiple grid and list layouts to choose from, you can easily present your content in the right way with this lifestyle WordPress theme. The post format templates should come in handy too, making it easy to publish audio, video, and galleries, using a purpose-built layout.

Populating your sidebars with interesting content isn’t a problem either with the Humble blog theme. The four custom widgets give you a quick way to add a stylish about me panel alongside your posts as well as links to your social media profiles and advertising banners. There are also two widget plugins included in this lifestyle theme package, enabling you to display email newsletter sign up forms and content from Instagram in your blog posts and around your website. Nearly all aspects of your website can be personalized through the WordPress Customizer when using Humble, giving you the ability to choose the right colors, fonts, and other settings to match your preferences.

Humble can be configured in a number of different ways to help you find the right design for your blog.

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Blggn is another lifestyle blog theme that should be of interest to fans of interactive content sliders.

As Blggn has 10 pre-built sliders for you to choose from, you should find adding slideshows to your blog very straightforward. You’ll also find a good selection of homepage layouts for your blog, magazine site, or other types of content-rich website you’re working on. Furthermore, as Blggn includes the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can customize the pre-built homepage layout and other theme templates with ease. So although the Blggn demo has been designed to a high standard, making adjustments to it is very straightforward with this page builder and its front-end drag-and-drop visual interface.

Modification work can also be carried out through the WordPress Customizer, allowing you to make site-wide changes to your blog. As part of the customization options, you can choose which widgets to display in your sidebars and footer area of your site, with the option of using the social icons, about me, trending posts, and custom newsletter sign-up form widgets. Selecting a different header layout is possible too, thanks to the five pre-built designs available. You also have the option of enabling the sticky header mode to ensure your navigation bar is on display at all times.

If you check out the Blggn demo you’ll see that there are plenty of reasons to consider this theme for your website.

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